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Saturday, August 04, 2012


How quickly the time is going!! Already had nearly two weeks holiday :( I have been very lazy just pottering about recharging my batteries.I have read three books and am now half way though the fourth. caught up with the laundry (twice) ...They will keep wearing the bloody Clothes!
Tomorrow will be six months without Steph - I miss her SO much.
Chris (her ex boss) will be cycling 60 miles around the coast tomorrow to raise money for Macmillan Cancer in Steph's memory. Last year her had her cheering him on, I am guessing it will be harder this year. He like Meg, is type 1 diabetic so it is no mean feat. He has raised £3330 so far. How amazing is that! LINK
I shall be busy tomorrow as I have promised Dan that I would completely re do his room - I have exactly one week to do it in while he is away. I am crossing my fingers that there's nothing too awful underneath the woodchip paper already on the wall. It will be fun getting that off!!

Love Soojay xxx

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Andy Llewelyn-Brinsley said...

Hi Sue, been meaning to come and see your blog since you joined so thought tonight was as good a night as any. Thank you so much for your kindness today. I am really in a dark place at the moment and will be neading as much support as I can get over the coming months I think.
I was so sorry to hear about your sister, it's a dreadful thing to lose someone you love and only time really heals that sort of pain, but I have found you are never too far from breaking down about the person you have lost (in my case my dad), it doesn't matter how much time passes. My dad died around 12 years ago and I will never forget the pain I felt, such a tangible feeling, horrible.
I love this blog, I should have maybe split myself into two blogs but I kind of wanted everyone to see my cards and my life went hand in hand, but I will be reading your posts from now on and hope I can be there for you sometime.
Thanks for the support