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Friday, August 10, 2012

The Boys Room

 This photo was taken six years ago - That awful wallpaper is wood chip and was on the wall when we moved in ,in 1998!!!The skirting boards , door frame and radiator were painted purple and there were fire engines on the wall too. Poor boy- well over due a "do over"!

 Its a small room about 31/2 x 2 1/4 meters but it took me two full days to get that awful paper off.I was worried about what would be underneath. I found a couple of holes and a patchwork of different colours- could have been worse.

 I wallpapered just one wall ( the paper is from Next) and the rest of the walls I pained a soft Grey . With white radiator etc- already looks bigger, lighter and a lot cleaner.

 I LOVE the tab top curtains ( also from Next) 

Just stopped to have lunch and then will be laying the carpet and sorting furniture out- I have a desk , shelves and bedside table to assemble as well as lots of "sorting" or disposing of  as much as I can get away with. I am already in trouble for removing the window stickers. They are home on Sunday so I am well on track :)

Love Soojay xxx

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