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Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Its pouring!! The children, the ones up anyway ( Nats is STILL asleep!) have already been fighting..TV turned off for the rest of the day.Dan sent upstairs. :(
Meg is down here eating a VERY late breakfast( she has been up ages but takes for ever to sort out her blood testing etc!) ................Its going to be a looong day.
Poor Dex is trying to sleep off nights though this too.
Was going to do the gardening today..the furniture needs painting and the patio is desperate for a clean, but i am not doing it in the rain, so i shall be working on DT stuff.
Did the 10 things Dare yesterday, not sure about it but i did enjoy doing it LOL. Found loads of retro fonts and learned how to type in a circle ( thanks Suzanne and padders :))
My ten things were belifes and i pinched lots of Darren Hayes Lyricks as when i first heard them, felt like they were already mine.


Pam said...

thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment. I love the title of your blog, and your banner-must learn how to do a banner one day. I love you 'beliefs' LO, looks like you are going the freestle way too. I must do the effers dares, cause they do stretch the creativity don't they?

Shell said...

Loving this Soo! I must do mine, I must!

domestic goddess said...

hi soo,
thanks for stopping by my blog, so loving your blog title, and love the blog header, i want a snazzy one like that *sulk*