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Monday, January 15, 2007

Emily's Challenge

For last week was to do an ACT of something that makes you proud. Mine is my marriage. Dex and I have been married for 24 years this year. We have had four children, we lost Cav 16 years ago and the others have all sorts of problems, we have had no money at times and for 10 years hardly saw each other as we worked in shifts. I have spent years ( probably ) worrying about him , first in the Falklands ( when he was in the RAF) and later at "shouts" as a retained fireman. We have most definitely had our fair share of rows and it has been hard ( I am sure there are still times to come). In 2000, we decided to renew our wedding vowes. The pic on my ACT is us cutting the cake.


Annette said...

Gorgeous babe. Absolutely love it xoxox

jake said...

Aw.... bless ya - soppy pair!

Ain't love grand though, eh?

jk xx