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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sorry need a little moan

Please don't send hugs, i just need to type it out and move on LOL. Nothing dreadful just life. I help with the special needs homework club on a Tuesday ( for the children who can not do it at home or cannot organise them selves to do it)For an hour after school. I was only saying this evening that i ought to get Megs taxi driver to drop her on the way home as she certainly fits in with this group. So after homework club and then tea, I start again with Meg, she is not capeable of working on her own at all and needs lots of help. Also lots of nagging to actually sit down to do it. It is now just gone 9pm and i have now finished...sigh
Also while de icing my windscreen this morn, I noticed that my tax was over due!!!! I felt like a criminal!! Dex paid it as soon as he got home on line but i still have to wait for the disc to arrive. I have no idea when it came or where the reminder is !! But have had to do so much paper work recently. Megs Disability living allowence was due for renewal over Christmas and with dad in hosp, i have had my mind on other things. Still might get a fine in the post :(
These are by no means big things and i am already feeling much better...just a bit too worn out to do anything for me (again!!LOL)
Will have a go at Emily's new promp tomorrow ( hopefully)


Annette said...

You are one of the few people I know who's entitled to moan whenever they want to, so go ahead.
Your art journal is gorgeous, looking forward to week 3. I've caught up nearly; the first 2 are on me blog. Hugs sis, love you xoxox

Heather said...

Sorry you're having a tough time of it, Sue. You do fab, with all the extra challenges your life brings.

Shirley said...

You're getting a (((hug))) from me!

jake said...

Hug from me too - sorry - but it's my duty, you understand :-)

Hope you feel better after a little whinge.... i know I always do, so whinge away!

jk xx

Nicki said...

Hiya Sue I am fine thanks for asking:) A special hug from me. I know how hard it is and those DLA forms are a total nightmare and should be outlawed. I am sure if you rang and explained they prob have loads of peeps who send them in late.
Look forward to seeing you saturday

"Grendel" said...

I reckon parents who are caring for a child with a disability ought to be excused from routine paperwork - after all there is enough to fill out related to your child without the rest of it to do as well.

Some days at work I have a secret urge to go and delete the entire database of forms that people have to fill out. . .