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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Week two

Prompt : Something powerful to you.

I make no apologies for using a heart again as anyone who knows me will know i am one of the soppiest people around. Doesn't have to be romantic love either..i really like that scene in "Love actually" where people are meeting at the airport terminal. Most definitely my driving force :)


Shirley said...

I love that scene too. I got crying then.

greyparrot said...

*sings* loooove gets me every time....and you goddarn gone and done it...guess I fell in looooove!
Very pretty hun- thanks for your comment on mine too- and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

suebaru said...

Love your cards and as for Love fave film ever!

Heather said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SUE! (Annette let on in her blog :) )

(Does your blog header saying "I am 46 (just)" still hold true? ;) )

jake said...

YUP! Love for me too - Lol!