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Saturday, January 06, 2007


Popped in for a visit today . What a sweetie...she always go straight to my computor, i have to find the kneebouncers site for her to play on. She made it VERY clear that the "orange" was hers alone! LOL and had a go at peeling it herself ( did a great job) The children adore her coming and fight over who is going to look after her ( meg usually wins! ) as you can see above.........i haven't worked out how to move the photos around in this new version of blogger yet!
Nets brought me some stash that we had ordered from the US , some yummy Sassafrass lass lace stamps and some Daisy D modern romance journalling die cuts ......I LOVE this range :)
Got Dex to watch Brokeback mountain with me tonight..he didn't want to but he really enjoyed it ( though he won't admit it to anyone else ;) LOL) ..It is a really beautiful film ..i LOVE the scenery too.