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Monday, October 29, 2007

Back to school today

No more lay ins :( This is my least fav time of year as it is SO busy and its long half term too. Managed to hand in two units of my course and two pieces of homework...Felt great till we were given two more pieces this morning LOL

Took my first lesson today ....wasn't supposed to but the cover teacher didn't turn up. So i took yr 9 French. Wasn't as bad as it sounds as the work had already been set and it was easy for me to follow, it was a small class and i know all the pupils really well. They were great and did all the work. I did go looking and even informed the office but no one seemed too bothered, i am sure if it had been a difficult class i would have found someone...Just wish i got the teachers pay LOL.

Did a scraplift challenge on the pad and i quite like it (above). The original was done by Yizz and is stunning!


Annette said...

That's gorgeous Soo xx

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Lovely work, cool picture. :)

Btw sweetie, you´ve been tagged! :D