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Monday, October 08, 2007

If you have just eaten..

sorry !

The lovely ladies over on the "It's a creative world " blog have challenged us to scrap your boobs. So these are my very ample ones and my lovely husbands ( his is the hairy chest!!!) as he rightly pointed out that men get breast cancer too. There is a page set up for donations.

I have also added this site to my faves, costs nothing to click each day.
BTW, the darker area on the LO is because it was scanned and the bit with "your" on it is raised and so casts a shadow.


Anonymous said...

Can't believe no one has commented on this pic! A quote from Steve Martin in Roxanne comes to mind, "he loved you so much, the lord just kept on giving" - well worth the slap i'm going to get ;0) x

Jane said...

Great fun LO for a fantastic cause Sue.....good for you!
Jane x