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Thursday, October 18, 2007

One more

from the cybercrop art the weekend. The buttons are not straight though.
One more day to go then a week off for half term. I am so tired ( more to do with the days drawing in i think than anything else) so am looking forward to a few lay ins.
I do have plenty to keep me busy though..a double lot of homework from my course. Some typing up of lesson plans for school and BEST OF ALL .....Nov ScrapaGoGo kit to play with :)..That worked out well as i find it harder to scrap when there is school.
Nets and I are also off to visit Ness's Papermaze shop ( see link) and she has LOADS of yummy new stash in. Ohh and a big crop at Wyverstone next weekend.
Its pink day at school tomorrow and i have to find something pink to wear..I think i will have to pinch a T shirt from Nats as i don't have anything pink!


Anonymous said...

2 small points, 1) do you realise that there is a lovely photo with 2 beauties in it one of whom resembles your good self!
2)The way I got around the 'wear something pink' thing .. being as I have a rep to uphold .. I made a badge of the lovely woman and wore that as well. People are also more likely to ask why you are wearing Pink as well :0)
p.s. you should have it by now, the other 2 have xoxo

Annette said...

Don't you just love her crypticness? ^ ;)
I love this photo and the LO too. Can't wait til Tues. Hugs gorgeous xx

Jen said...

Yummy pinkness, Soo! We get to wear pink next week I think it is. I go back to work on Monday, so I'll find out then. Just wanted to send HUGS your way xx