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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Catch up

Been trying to catch up with everything this week. I think i am winning!!.
Am back on top of my course homework ( after a few hours yesterday!) It finishes just after Christmas and my wages should then go up a bit , so it should be worth it!
Now belong to three ACT swaps and a Cj ( all up to date - halo inserted here)
My DT it also up to date.
So is the washing yayyyyyyyyyyy
SO , i am hoping to scrap at some point to day for myself :). There is a cyber crop at UKs and i would like to join in even if it is just a couple of LO's.
Well, it is 10am and the children are all STILL asleep in bed :) :) ( there's a lot to be said for letting them stay up late ;)
If only it was this peaceful all day......sigh.

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