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Saturday, November 17, 2007


I have been putting the finishing touches to the LO's i did at the retreat the other week scanner is not being recognised by my PC at the mo...Its bad enough the kids falling out LOL
Busy day today. Dan went shopping to Ipswich with his friend (and friends mum). He had a great day considering he usually hates shopping and crowds LOL
I took Meg to Diss after dropping Nats and her friend off at a Mencap Christmas party. I bought Meg some new clothes and bits ( like false nails!??!). She was also squirted in the chemist with Britney's perfume ( i use the word loosely!) and now wants some for Christmas.
I am 3/4 of the way though my NVQ course and am looking for something else to do. Going on one of the weirdest courses ever after school on Monday laughing...speed stacking. I was put forward by the other TA who does the social skills groups with me, she thought it would be fun to do in the group. Its all about co ordination and perception. Hey at least if the head makes more cut backs , we could get a good job at Tesco's...I 'm SPEED stacker , me! LOL
Enjoy whats left of the weekend :)

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lyzzydee said...

Speed Stacking is a real laugh and really impressive when you get the hang of it!! Its also spectacular when it goes wrong as well !!!