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Friday, November 23, 2007


I ought to go to bed as i am really tired! I just don't DO winter..would gladly curl up and hibernate till spring.
I intend to not do too much over the weekend. Washing/scrapping and a small amount of tidying that's it.
Got my Christmas scrapaGoGo kit this week and it is so lovely, so easy to use :).
Next week is really busy, we have mock exams to Read and scribe for most of the week, after school courses. i have my NVQ tutor coming in to observe me on Thurs and a governor meeting after school one night ( wouldn't mind but its 30 + miles away :( ).
Off to a friends birthday party tomorrow, leaving Dex with the children (again!) LOL
We have a new carer coming on Weds, so Dex and I can resume our Wed nights out for a pub tea and then hit Tesco's ( quite handy this time of the year) The children get too hyper in the shops around Christmas. I really have missed our nights out.

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