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Thursday, November 29, 2007


Had my final observation for my NVQ 3 today , thankfully it went really well, even though i was working with a yr seven pupil who was like quick silver LOL I had my work cut out keeping him "on task" but at least my tutor was able to tick all the boxes. All downhill now just a couple more units to do before Feb and i am Done.
Finished another social skills course at school this week too and we are planning the next set of sessions. They are going really well and some of the teachers are noticing better behaviour in some of the pupils which is great.
I also got an invite to the language departments Christmas meal next week ( highly honoured :)) probably in recognition that i have actually taught some of the lessons recently due to no cover !
Sorry to bore you but I am just so pleased this week is almost over. Its so nice to get "stuff" done!
We had a new carer start last night, She seems really nice and very sensible. She has a brother with autism so already has a clue to what life is like here. Dex and I really had missed our wed nights out.
Am going to be doing a Christmas journal from Sat ( a scrapbook one) Just hope i can keep up with it.


Diana said...

Please let me know if youmanage to set up the linky thingy!

Di from IACW

Debbie said...

Hullo dahlink
So please to hear you've had a fab week! I'm going to pm you for some advice re: work ... just been contracted to work with a lil girl who needs a lot of help just "fitting in".
Hope you're having a good weekend.