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Saturday, September 12, 2009

A heavy week

In every sense! Financially - Our fridge died and we had to buy a new one and couldn't afford one as nice :( . Holiday cottage in Cornwall in Aug nx yr want a £700 deposit in two weeks - not gonna happen! I also have my MOT for the car nx Friday..sigh. Emotionally - Cav would have been 22 this week. Physically - back to work and manic, worn out LOL

The above Lo's and cards are for ATDML's September Gallery. I was so pleased to be a guest for this month.
So pleased that it is the weekend! Have a great one :D


Muckyfingers said...

Even more beautiful IRL honey. Hoping that your car behaves itself next week xXx

lyzzydee said...

Soo sorry to hear of all your problems, £700 seems like a huge deposit to me !!