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Monday, September 28, 2009

Megan's Homework

Now she is in yr 10, Meg has chosen her options for the next two years at school. Many of you already know that all my children have many disabilities/disorders/syndromes- whatever you want to call them. They do all have learning problems as well, but i have to say that in the spring i was really pleased when Meg chose art as one of her options and when her art teacher told me that she would be putting her in for GCSE Art, I almost cried on the spot! This will be the first proper GCSE that any of my children will be taking.
Her homework for this term has been to fill up her art sketch book with : drawings, painting,real things, fantasy,collafe,experiments,pic of things she likes,examples of artist work she likes, unusual papers, fabrics, wool etc..............................Are you excited too? She has made a start but wasnt excited enough about it. So i opened up my craft cupboard, got out the glimmer mist, stickles, embossing powders and die cutting machine...we have a great weekend planned :)


Charlotte said...

This is really exciting Soo, am really pleased for Meg xxx

Boo said...

I'm mega-excited about it my darling and I think it will be fantastic for you to do things together as well. A wonderful achievement for Meg - well done Meg. xxx