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Saturday, June 05, 2010

It's Here!

My new printer :D Boy its big! So far it seems to be stuff always takes a little getting used to. I am very happy with the quality of photo printing ( which is why i bought it )but haven't had much chance to "play" I spent time having a big tidy up of all the PC "stuff" i had in my desk........CD's from when the children were little and all that "dross " that came free from the computer mags I used to buy.

A couple more cards. at least I seem to have enough for the next few months.
I have been sitting in the garden painting them during the day and then just put them together at night after tea while Derek is killing Zombies on the X box!

Don't look too hard at the weeds ( or next doors fence - which is falling down!) Its lovely and quiet here and best of all ....sunny!
I can't believe that half term is over :( . Apart from pottering about ( and making cards), I have done very little. I do sometimes wish that I could go out or take the children out but I daren't leave them for very long on their own and they certainly don't want to go anywhere ( not together anyway). They have been getting up after lunch and just hanging out with friends. They seem happy enough.
Right I am off to enjoy some sun before the thunderstorms predicted tomorrow!

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Cath x said...

Gorgeous cards Soo and love your Avatar blog theme! xxx