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Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Can you believe it? She slept with them NOT slept with them ON....just took them off and slept with them!!! Grrr Came down crying . Thankfully we found her spare pair. She had her eyes tested yesterday and a new pair will be ready to pick up on Friday ( plus a spare pair ordered). We ALL wear specs in this house as as the children ( I include Derek here too;)) are so clumsy/accident prone, I insist on spares too. Dan is the only one with one pair, but that is because he refuses to wear any. I am sure that will change if his eyes get any worse. I was the same at his age even though my eye sight was much worse.
Meg has to get her eyes tested every six months now , mainly because her eyes have got a lot worse this time and because of her being diabetic.

I told her that she will not be having anything done to her bedroom ( it needs completely re doing) until she starts to take care of her "stuff". Do you think she has learned her lesson? no ..neither do I !

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