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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Once Again

The weekend has whizzed by far too quickly!! Only managed one layout this week ,couldn't really settle.
This is scrap lifted from the amazing Stacey Cohen . I Love every thing she does! Her fab Layout is HERE .

I was too lazy to sew beads so I used glossy accents and stuck some on.

Derek and I escaped to the garden centre this morning..we crept out while the children slept in they wouldn't want to come with us anyway, although we did have breakfast out. I told them all before we went that if they got up, no fighting! but apart from Meg ( who was up before we went and didn't want to come) they were still asleep when we got back!! Lazy lot! ...Just in case you are new to my blog , they ARE teenagers and it was only a few miles away LOL!
I am off to the sea side on Tuesday with the school so hope it is sunny and warm. Geog field trip to Dunwich , the year 8's have an assignment on coastal erosion.
Busy week so might not be back till next weekend.

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Kirsty Wiseman said...

oooh pretty layout chick and yay - a morning without kids is such a treat!