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Monday, August 30, 2010

Bank Holiday

Just a quickie. Finished the book, it was very easy to read and enjoyable but in no way is it anywhere near as good as the Twilight Saga. Now looking for another quick fix.
I eventually tidied my craft table - mostly coz Anet is coming in a litte while and i was ashamed at the mess !
Don't like this week as it is too "bitty" Dereks car has to go to the garage tomorrow - probably for a new clutch - thats most of my wages for the month gone :( He will be using my car to go to work but i need to follow him to the garage tomorrow and when the work is done. Dan has his induction day at Otley on Weds ( afternoon - as Derek will have my car in the morning) , Nats will need picking up at the same time so i will have to get her a taxi- Why is everything so complicated!?
I go back to work on Thursday but the others don't go to school/college till Monday - hopefully they will just sleep in till Derek gets home.
I am FINALLY getting my car boot replaced after it was hit in the forecourt of a local garage (while waiting for some work to be done) by a lamp post. Then a week later it has its MOT - pray for me!
Looking forward to a trip to Ally Pally at the end of the month ( if there is any dosh left ;))
Right need to tidy a bit before Nets gets here.

Love Soojay xx

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