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Monday, August 02, 2010

In Other News

Not done any baking for a while, but as I LOVE these, thought i would give them a go later in the week.
Listening to:
Darren's new album will be out soon. I always keep a selection of his and savage garden songs on the iPhone.
Sorry Naughty !! Both Meg and I stop to watch when he is on TV.
Last DVD we watched was Remember me....bit slow, i wasn't expecting much more than a chick flick. NOT what i expected and we were both left thinking about it for days afterwards.

Halfway though this..If you intend to buy it, go to W H Smith as it is on offer for £1 instead of the £8 it cost me in Tesco's. So far an easy read . Quite a thin book and i should have it finished before Weds when I am off to watch Eclipse ...finally!

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Suzanne said...

I quite enjoyed the Bree story - but felt it could have been a lot darker!