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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last couple of days of peace.

I am lucky in that I don't go back to school until Thursday . Being "support staff" , means I don't get paid for PD days so don't have to go in. These are two days on Weds and Thurs this week, I will just do Thursday. That means I still have two days left.
Part of me is really looking forward to going back and being busy again ( too busy really). I miss the kids and the daft things they say. It will be strange without the last lot of year 11's - I will miss them although a few are returning for 6th form including my niece who I am so proud of. She wants to be a policewoman eventually.

I need to shop and collect Derek from the garage today ( his car goes in today - praying would be good!) So I am sitting by the phone waiting for his call to meet him.

Nets and Rosie came to visit yesterday. Rosie was very keen to see the" Darras" as they were flying at the Eye show and often come over our house.
I am cross with myself as i missed a really Brill photo as they flew directly over our roof quite low. I could hear them but not see them until it was too late and all i got was sky! LOL

I haven't been to the Eye show for years, its got so commercialized now. I used to LOVE it when it was mostly locals who went and there was a flower and home produce show- I entered once - made lemon curd - never made it since though. I was only about 19 and was up against the WI - didn't stand a chance. LOL We used to go in the 70's and 80's when it was so cheap to get in or you got in though a gap in the hedge - ahh those were the days!!!

Love Soojay xx

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