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Sunday, August 08, 2010


Well there was supposed to be a photo of Natalie with her new "hair do". I managed to cut it nice and short- it is very difficult for her to manage when it gets long. She also still pulls it out occasionally. I WAS going to dye it a lovely plum colour. I have done it before and it really suits her. That was NOT to be! I had just started to get the colour on , quite quickly , nearly half done, when she said she felt ill. I couldn't smell a thing and all the windows were open but.......Natalie has been known to "fit" if things don't "feel " or "smell" right. So I got her outside in the back garden to see if the fresh air would help. No, she started being sick and i was worried that her hair would dye half red so I had to get it off quick. I did what I could but ended up using the garden hose! We were both drenched but she didn't "fit".................sigh. She went for a lay down and was fine after an hour slightly reddish on one side though. We won't ever be doing THAT again!

Love Soojay xx


Muckyfingers said...

Oh no, poor Natalie. Give her a kiss from me xoxoxox

Lucy said...

Poor Natalie...glad it didn't turn into anything worse tough
L xx

Jane (J-bug) said...

Oh no! Hope she's ok!