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Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Busy Week :)

Last night Natalie and I went to see Westlife at Newmarket races. Unfortunately although i took a camera, i was too short to see anything much. It was VERY crowded and very muddy. It took us over 2 hours to get there ( it should only take an hour). Despite all that Nats was able to see ( being so much taller than me :) ) So I am really pleased that she enjoyed herself. The conditions were NOT great for anyone with disabilities but Nats coped really well.
Derek and Daniel went to Wales for a few days. This is where Derek lived when I first met him. Milford Haven.
Of course they went to the ice cream parlor in Tenby!
and visited family ...These adorable children are his nephews....Joshua, Jodie and Jacob ( the 3 J's)
They adored Daniel, apparently it's the first time Jodie put a skirt on when she heard Dan was coming ..Sweet!

Dan's new Haircut. I didn't cut it , just bleached the top.
They have gone to see Ipswich play today.
Derek wanted to know why Dan got all the photographs, so I took a couple of Derek.
Even if Dan had to hold him down.

Ohh and Megan being lazy ( as usual)

Love Soojay xx

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lyzzydee said...

phwoar, that Dereks a bit of alright!!!!!