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Thursday, August 04, 2011


 Megs Room- This is the smallest room in the house. We have tried all sorts of ways to furnish it. We bought her a high bed with a desk underneath it- It was a bit too high for me to change (being so short) but, worse than that, it wasn't easy to check on her in the night in case of hypo's - she has diabetes.
We bought a pretty metal framed bed- she jumped on it and bent the struts. Anyway over the years it has been dark pink and lemon yellow. It was well overdue to be decorated but she still wanted pink. There was photos of the "before" but she deleted them from my camera ( probably too ashamed of the writing on the wall and the torn paper). the radiator and skirting boards used to be purple - so needed a couple of coats.

 There is very little furniture in the room (to try and de clutter it) I also need to hang the photo frame and noticeboard. Curtains and bedding and storage boxes from next. Wallpaper, from B and Q.
Carpet from a lovely cheap online store that delivered the next day free of postage :)

Hopefully she will keep it tidy --------I doubt it though!

Love Soojay xxx


Steph said...

Well done love, you now have a second career to fall back on if needed! :0) xoxoxox

mandy m said...

It looks lovely Sue. i love decorating- shall miss it living in rented...i'm sure she'll keep it tidy- she's a girl!!xx

buy wow account said...

OMG! i super like the color combinations.. love the way you decorated the room.=)