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Thursday, August 25, 2011


This picture of Meg was taken on the last day of school. Took a little while to get her to smile. To say that she found school difficult at times is an understatement. At five years old we found out that she was diabetic .We already knew that she had speech problems and learning difficulties. She was seen by the school Ed Psych. who said that she has an IQ of 48. She spent primary school in the area support class with a great TA. High school was also differentiated for her. She had a statement of educational needs, a school care plan and 20 hours of support (shared though) a week in a small class.
Today we went to get her results. She sat exams but only one was GCSE - Art . She was disappointed that she got an F, she thought it meant fail. Not only is it NOT a fail, it is not the lowest grade. She has done it all by herself, she didn't get any support at all in her Art class. She had a sweet art teacher but she found it hard to understand all of what was expected of her. I don't think she realizes how proud I am of her .
She already has a place at College - doing a life skills course. The tutors there taught her sister Natalie a few years ago. I know that she is scared but I have no doubt that she will love it .
Anyway just wanted to share

Love Soojay xx


Jo.C said...

She will love it once she gets there - so pleased. If you know someone has worked hard and given their all you always appreciate their grades. I am often happiest with those that have done this and really achieved rather than those that take good grades for granted. Enjoy and celebrate xx

Muckyfingers said...

Awesome girl, she is so clever xoxoxox

Cath x said...

That's fabulous Sue, i can see why you would be proud. Well done Megan and love to you all xx

Rose said...

What a lovely post, she is so pretty. She should be very proud of her achievements. It does not matter whether you come out of school with an A grade or a X grade, this young lady has achieved far more in life and has learnt many skills others wont have. Well done!

You are right to be proud.

All my love