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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lazy Day

Yesterday was dark and wet - not a nice day at all - I am one of those people that NEED sunlight to be energized to do "stuff" and there was none. So, as I was on holiday and have been reasonably busy most of the time, I took the day off from the world and read Afterwards. I LOVED it and highly recommend it. You do need a day to yourself as it's un put downable!
Rosamund Lupton has only written two book so far and this is her second - I HAVE to read the first one now- appropriately called "sister" - Lets hope I can get it and read it before I go back to school.

Love Soojay xxx


Cath x said...

I actually didn't like 'SIster' so it put me off getting this one but might be persuaded too now!

Rose said...

I can relate to the dark, dingy days, i often get depressed and unmotivated on these days.

Looks like a good book!