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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ahhhhhhhhhh Teenagers!!

Mine have been well and truly lectured, not sure HOW much good it has done though. They had got into a very bad habit of staying up really late (mostly watching rubbish films on late night TV and facebook, they don't go out after 10pm and there is no where for them to go anyway). This led to them sleeping till very VERY late the next day. In one way, this is quite nice because its quiet here.....BUT Meg is diabetic and Dan on meds for nocturnal epilepsy and getting up at 4pm is not good ! Its messing up Meg's injections and I am worried that Dan might start "fitting" again.
So, last night they were only allowed to watch TV downstairs with us and EVERYthing had to be switched off when I went to bed at 11.30. They still slept in till lunch (they are teens after all!) And it meant we had a few hours peace in the morning - Derek and I  went to a nearby garden centre for breakfast and to buy a cane to support Derek's Sunflower( I have no idea where it came from) .
 Well this afternoon I have ranted most of the afternoon about them bickering- I WAS going to get them helping me in the garden but its been raining.
They are, at this moment, laying about in the living room watching Harry Potter AND WWE at the same time- I can hear them negotiating when to turn over. Horrible!! Anyway, after warning them the TV's, Laptops and any trips out will be taken away, they seem to have settled a bit.
Its almost tea time but , for once, I am not cooking , Derek is :D ...I am off to meet a friend for tea and a chat .

Love Soojay xxx

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