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Tuesday, October 17, 2006


really tired..thank goodness it's half term next week and my darlings don't wake up too early. The children at school are getting "high" and their behaviour is a little wearing.We have pink day on Friday ( raising money for breast cancer), i have to find something pink to wear!! Megs school is also doing this and she wants me to dye her hair...not sure.
Tried to talk to dad this evening as he has had his op now. Wasn't able to as he won't pay for the phone next to his bed and the nurse says theres no other phone :(. I made her write down a message from us all to him.
Have been VERY bad today and ordered these stamps from papermaze..I was moaning at how much Dex spent the other day too!


Anonymous said...

grrrrr it was you that bought em! lol
I really fancied the journalling ones but Ness has sold out. Will have to nick them off you at W this month:D

Jen said...

Oh they are gorgeous! I fancy the journalling ones too... Sorry you couldn't speak to Dad. Hope he feels tons better soon xx

Debbie said...

Oh I want those stamps too!!! stamps feet like a petulant child
Sue I think pink hair would be fun, LOL .... and think of all the PHOTOI OPPORTUNITIES

Anonymous said...

easily done hon.... papermaze, you said...? :-)

Anam said...

beautiful stamps :)

Michelle said...

What lovely stamps. My parents have tried to get me the journalling ones in Florida but they're sold out there too. Doh!