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Monday, October 09, 2006

I am Cheating

By combining this weeks speshal Dare ( to use a song title or Lyrics ) and Ali Edwards No 10 ( to print onto patterned paper).
This is Elton John's ( and MY )Daniel.
When ever i heard the words to this song, it always reminded me of Cavell ( our first son , who died in 1990). When we were ready to have another child, i wanted to name a son after Cav but without it being obvious. Daniel fits the bill perfectly...So, Dan is named after his older brother Cavell :)
This LO also is to celebrate my darling son turning into a teenager today.


Ann(i)e said...

Great lo!! Love the spots of paint and the green frame (did you draw that??)
Wonderful my dear!!

Anonymous said...

Aw... girlie. All goosebumpy here!

Wonderful sentiments and what a very handsome young man you have there. I'm sure Cav is very proud of his baby bro too.


jk xx

Annette said...

Awesome Soo. Completely beautiful. Darling boys, both of them xoxox

Anonymous said...

Hellooo me darling.

I love the sentiment of this layout

Congrats to your son on becoming a teen