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Friday, October 06, 2006

Speshal Dare 22

Only half an hour late! LOL...not bad for me then!
So glad it is the weekend ..don't like this time of the year when we know that summer is most definitely over. I could quite easily hibernate.
Busy at school ( attachment theory...not impressed :(), Governor meeting at Dans school hour meeting tow and a half hours travelling to get there!
Poor dad has been back to hosp as his knee is still not healed and the docs have advised him to have it removed. I am sure he is devastated. They think the bone is infected . He has suffered so much , this will be his fourth amputation on his legs.
Not a great day at school as it was non uniform day..always makes the children "high" especially on a Friday too. The afternoon lessons were almost a waste of time.
So...hopefully a nice quiet weekend??

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