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Sunday, October 08, 2006

This weekend

I made myself a list of all the scrap booking related things I want to do..ohh I had no illusions that i would do them all..but to finish one would have been good.
Had intended to laze about yesterday and maybe not even get dressed LOL. Forgot that Meg was being picked up ( along with another friend) to go out for the day. Nets, Raymond Rose and Charlie came round for a little while too...Good job I dressed!!
Today we had to shop food!! And get Dan his Birthday Present ( he is 13 tomorrow). He wanted a phone ( of course) , now we have FIVE to charge up and keep in credit ( not that I ever remember to charge , or use mine!)
As you can imagine ( if you know my darlings) they were all quite
Bumped ( literally) into Lorraine and children in Tesco's ..Hi Lorraine :)..She was having almost as much fun as i was LOL..Hope Harry got his treat.
As to my list:
1) To do the two cards for this months ACT swap ( I should do a batch ..never do , get everything possible out and make just two!)
2) To do the next Ali Edwards challenge ( i am up to NO 10 )
3) To make Dan a birthday card ( have to do this tonight!!)
4) To make a cover for a babybook i made MONTHS ago to give to a friend before her child reaches 1!!
5) To do this weeks Speshal dare ..have actually started, but don't hold your breath.
6) To make a card and baby book for Donna ,Dex's niece

I am sure there is other stuff too.
First i have homework ( still) to do with Meg and get them in bed in time for Jane Ayer (sp?) ..still awake???

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