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Monday, October 23, 2006

Twas a busy weekend

We went to visit dad at Ipswich hospital. Well Nats and I did , Dex took Meg and Dan to Subway for lunch as we thought that all of us would be a bit too much for him.
He was up and sitting in his wheelchair and although a bit frail, didn't look too bad. Unfortunately ( probably due to painkillers, anti inflammatories and antibiotics ) He hadn't a clue about where he was or what he was doing . He kept talking about all sorts of weird stuff, including seeing things that weren't there :(
He was like this after his second op in Jan but we thought that it was due to the amount of morphine he was on and how little he was eating. The staff nurse had only met him that day , so i explained that this wasn't dad and normally he was extremely "with it". They did some tests to find out if he has an infection but i have not heard yet.
Saturday we went to Hoverton , to the scrapbook fair :) Was a lovely day . We saw lorraine and Kirsty ( I picked up my lovely DT kit for Scrapagogo for Nov kit ), Saw Ness and Mel. Nats and I did Lorraines class , we were joined by Meg, Dan and Dex..sorry ladies LOL ( dan and Dex just watched and tormented us!)
Nets came and the children were delighted when Raymond arrived with Rosie..big family outing for us then LOL.
Looking forward to Wyverstone next week but that will be my last crop this gets too busy.
Poor Dan woke up at 8 ish this morning sobbing ( he is 13 and doesn't cry much) he also had a bad headache which meant he probably had another fit last night :(
We have an appointment at Ipswich Hosp on Thursday morn ( 8.30!!! know that means we have to be up at about 6!) for another EEG, Meg has an appointment at the diabetic clinic at is only across the car park so i am hoping we can do them both ..probably fit in a visit to dad too!
I do intend to spend as much time as possible scrapping over the holiday ( fingers crossed)
We have a lady coming to see us tomorrow about respite ( which means that Dex and I can go shopping together without the children each week), just hope they they are able to look after Meg with her diabetes too..shouldn't be too much of a problem as she wouldn't need an injection. It's just that nothing is EVER straight forward with us LOL!
Just had a phone call to say that Dan's glasses have been fixed ( he only had them 2 months!) and mine need to go in, i paid to have them react to light but they don't!! So I am off to Diss when Dex gets home.
Have a great day anyone reading this ..if you have got this far LOL LOL

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