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Friday, October 13, 2006

Ali Edwards NO 11

Done. Sorry scanner has scanned this a bit on the squiffy and completely cut of the lace along the bottom. You get the idea though..The "O" in over on the transparency , is the bridge between the different pattered papers.
Was really looking forward to going to Hoverton this Sunday and had planned the whole day..even our brekki..except it's NOT this Sunday ,its next!! Its thrown me a bit now LOL
Poor dad has been put on hold for his op as there are no beds!! He has to phone in the morning. He is having all sorts of weird pains in his "leg" tonight..If you are reading this dad (((hugs))) Hope it is over with soon!! Speak to you tomorrow.
Looking forward to half term ( and some lay ins) though it is not for another week yet. We have finally been doing the "school safe" to deal with difficult and dangerous behaviours..certainly opened my eyes!
Nets and Rose coming to see us tomorrow ..must remember to take photos!!


Anonymous said...

Oh fab! And in my favourite colour combo, pink and green rocks!

She's a sweetie too!

Ann(i)e said...

Brilliant using a transperency as your bridge!!