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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Been Tagged ..twice

So here you go 6 weird things about me ( or not so weird if you know me!!)

1. I didn't swear until i got married ( not a joke!) I was VERY prim and easily offend, also very shy. What can i say..i have turned in to a fish wife!! ( sorry any fish wives reading this ) . I also have two children with Tourettes who does have a swearing tic , although not so bad now .

2. I LOVE books and hate to give them away ( even though i will only ever read them once) , I even love the smell of new books. This is something i can remember from childhood. Addicted to stationary shops ( even before scrap booking ).

3. I sometimes forget how old i am and am surprised when i look in the mirror! ( I have a sneaky suspicion that i am not the only one who does this!)

4. My fingers are double jointed.

5. I NEED to spend sometime completely alone each day..even if it means that i have to stay up late when everyone else has gone to bed.

6. I am a VERY big Darren Hayes Fan ( Hah! bet you didn't know that!!) I LOVE his Lyrics..often feel he has written whats in side me ..yup that's weird!!

I am sure my sisters will know LOADS more, but that's all you are getting for now !

Now who to most have probably been tagged...will get back to you.

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