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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Week Five..ALREADY?!!

Isn't she beautiful.!!Happy Birthday Darling little sis! Hope you have a wonderful day . Remember you are ALOT younger than me.

Lol doesn't time fly! My ACT for Emily's challenge. Prompt: use some ephemera from your week.

I bought a filing cabinet as i am sick of piles and plies of notes and paperwork everywhere. When you have children with educational statements, regular hospital appiontments and social workers, the paperwork just mounts up LOL ..They each have a drawer and DEX and i have one to hide our bills in LOL!...Guess what i shall be doing over half term!


valerie said...

Lovley to see your cards I love the white rose did you paint it yourself

Annette said...

Happy birthday WendaWoos :)
Love your card Soo it's great :) xx

Cath said...

She is very beautiful!
Happy paper sorting!