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Friday, February 23, 2007

This Week

I am So tired!
I started a craft club at school this lunchtime. We are making concertina books/cards for mothers day. It went quite well but could have done with a few more. They were all very excited and keen ,so i expect there will be more next week. The sampl;e i made for them is above.

Poor Nats fell badly on Weds and has hurt her foot. The Doc says he has't seen a bruise like hers for a long time :(..It actually looks worse than this. This was taken yesterday and it has spread since then. She seems to be in little pain and can hobble about quite well. The doc said it would possibly take months to heal though.

Am off to Wyverstone to crop tomorrow, haven't been since OCTOBER!! I hope i can remember what to do ..ohh yes shop!! LOL!!

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Heather said...

Ouch - poor Nats. What a horrible bruise! Glad she's not in too much pain and I hope she feels better soon.