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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Week Four

The prompt is : a symbol you love...mine is a white rose...I read somewhere that it symbolises pure, spiritual love. I take one every time i visit Cav and Mums grave.

Dad is now home. He came home on Thursday and i have been round a few times to check on him , do his washing ( the carers don't do that!) etc. I found him cooking yesterday!! He is not supposed to !!! I am really fed up with the hospital and social sevices ..i don't think the care package is enough. I still have a list of stuff that i need to sort out.
Dan, Meg and myself have all had head colds..i am feeling better but went to bed at 8pm on Fri night ..unheard of LOL.
Nets and Rose came round to see us yesterday. Rose can now say "SoooOOO!" Lol sounds so cute.


Mellie said...

this is beautiful Sue I love the white rose and the green background!

Vee said...

I LOve it - cool white on the green....looks great


Vicki xx

Flapsi Hapsi said...

Gorgeous card.