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Monday, February 26, 2007

Catching up

With Emily Falconbridge's challenges

last weeks prompt : Shoes............

Ok they are Boots but i LOVE Them!!LOL

When people meet me , they see a short , round , be speckled old ( ish) ,girly, woman.......Inside, i am tall, skinny with looong legs ,wearing tight and bright leggings, probably with dreadlocks and i wear these boots !!!!!! :)


Julie said...

Great card Sue!

Love those boots!

valerie said...

I remeber having apair pretty similar half a size to small and absolutley crippled me but would insist on wearing them cause I thought they we so cool love the card

Jen said...

Me too! I look so different to the way I feel inside. How do we deal with that I wonder???

suebaru said...

Love your funky boots!