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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Look what the postie brought

Sorry it is a little over exposed but if i try to darken it at skin looks dreadful !!LOL

Meg has taken a liking to this and we looked a Jaq's website " a string of beads" ..sorry i am useless at links! I told her that maybe she could have one for her birthday in April.

Anyway this is The Valentine Dollybead and i love it...i have a habit of playing with my jewelry and it is just right for this LOL


Glittery Katie said...

Oooh Soo that's so perty- DH has bought me a Vally Bead- looking forward to seeing it 2morrow!
Think I will have to nab a chain next time Jaq has them in- looks fab!

joanna said...

That is very purdy, Soo - looks lovely, darl :)