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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Rosie

This little sweetie is two today.

At last glorious sunshine !! Of course it means watering the plants, ahh well.
Meg is off school with a sore throat and cough , its not so bad but messes up her blood sugars. Poor Dex won't get much sleep.
Really looking forward to Wyverstone on Saturday and i have a late pass :) :) mind you i am ( as usual) no where near ready. Need to print out my photos for the class but am at work and then out tonight ( boring meeting) and tomorrow.Need more time.


Anonymous said...

For the first time in your blogging history, you made a spelling error - ALL the words are spelt right! You did it on purpose didn't you? ;0) xox BITC

Nicki said...

Yay hey glad to hear that you have a late pass. I am not organised either lol