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Monday, May 07, 2007

Will some one please kick me

I have to completely empty our kitchen by tomorrow night ( god know where to as we live in such a tiny house) and that includes the cooker and washing machine......................I haven't even started and i have to work tomorrow. I have too much to do , which makes me not want to do anything!!
Dex was away at the army navy game this weekend..had a great time and is on hol next week too . He will have to do some moving tomorrow.
Dan is off to Wales with the school on Friday but is unwell with a sore chest ATM :(
I am not going to be able to get anywhere near my scrapping stuff next week ( as this room will be full of kitchen stuff ..........hopefully it will all be done by the weekend.......fingers crossed.
We shall live on chips and pop ...not the best in this house!

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Lizzyann said...

HI i hope everything goes ok with the kitchen,you will soon be back scrapping,