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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Think it is a better day.

Well i don't feel like crying so that must be good LOL. Still waiting for some tilling ( is that how you spell it) to be done and some cupboards to be put up tomorrow..I could certainly designed the top cupboards better than they have. We have managed to find ONE cupboard that our plates will fit in, the others are all too small! Have no idea when the floor will be done..i suppose we shall have to drag the cooker and washing machine out again. Ohh the joys of living in a council house!
Dan is all packed now and all his "kit" at school. He goes in the morning...seems ok and not over excited which is good.
We are in the middle of yr 9 SATS at school at the mo and mock exams and then GCSE's. So work is manic as we are needed to read or scribe in some of them. So far i have only been a reader but need to brush up on my spelling in case i have to scribe ( i am allowed to ask the student how to spell words though)
We are making paper bag books ( thanks to a very dear friend donating the paper bags) at the school craft club on Fridays. Tomorrow is the first session :)
Enough drivel.

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suebaru said...

Sooo with you on the joys of council houses hun!