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Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Is that a word?? Anyway that how i feel now.
Amazing how you can go though different moods in the day isn't it. I WAS happy and feeling pleased with myself as i have sorted out all the meds for my lot and dad till next month, taken apart dads divan bed and moved it ( as he is getting a hospital bed tomorrow) and generally everything is ok. I get home and have Dan's DSLA forms to renew :( ..I HATE doing those and its only Christmas since i did Megs. Dex says, lets go to the beach for tea ( so i cancel a meeting i am supposed to attend tonight) and think yes great. He and Dan have an argument and Dan has stormed off to his room ( can't break the door coz we now have new heavy ones!!) and thats that!!
Think of me tomorrow, i am being observed by my NVQ3 assessor in the afternoon. He has to write a report.

I really ought to add an 8. fact to yesterdays post ...especially after reading it back just now...just in case you hadn't noticed ( even with spell check) ..I can't spell..SHOCK LOL

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