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Monday, May 21, 2007

Twenty four years

Today is our anniversary. Unbelivable how much has happened in all those years. Lots of dreams shattered, lots of new ones. We were so young and optermistic ( maybe a little too nieave LOL). WE are still optermistic, still unrealistic dreams but still together and in Love and in these days , something to be treasured.
Doubt he will read but..Happy anniversary Hun, Love you :)


Annette said...

Happy anniversary to 2 of the best people I know. Love from the Taylors xx

Anonymous said...

Ditto from the 21ers :0) xox

Nicki said...

happy anniversary sweetie.
Looking foirward to catching up with you on saturday. Late pass!!! you devil lol

jake said...

aw bless... you're as soppy as I am girl!

Happy anniversary - glad to hear you're still loved up - nothing like it eh?

jk xx