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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

One of those days

The house is in such a mess ( a real mess) i don't know where anything is. Kitchen stuff everywhere. I was expecting this and know it will be over soon, but i HATE it!! I have a battle about the number of cupboards they are putting in too ( bit difficult to battle while i am at work too!) Ours is a council house with a very small kitchen. We have been waiting for two years for work to be done to try to rearrange things so we have more space. We have lots of lovely work benches now ..just no cupboards. We took five from the walls and they are putting TWO stupid. There is space for at the very least two double cupboards...We have so many meds to store for the children , Megs diabetic stuff ( needles etc) could take up a cupboard on it's say i am fed up is mild.
Funny how one word ( in science today) can send you back years......17 years and the word ? platelets. I was just overwhelmed with sadness, wasn't expecting that and was glad when the lesson on the blood ended. 11am every Thursday, Cavell used to be taken to Ipswich hospital to have his platelet count taken while we would wait with our hearts in our mouths for the results.
Can't get to my stash for therapy, just as well i suppose as i have to pack for Dan's trip to Wales.


Heather said...

Big {hug} Sue.

Anonymous said...


Annette said...

Hugs my love. Hope your mess is cleaned up soon so you can get back to normal. So sorry that they're being stupid over the wall cupboards xx