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Thursday, February 12, 2009


From a particular nasty tummy bug. The children had it for 24 hrs, i am on day 3 but feeling slightly better than yesterday. I feel awful for having to take three days off work ( and possibly tomorrow as well) At least it is half term next week.
Good News.............Cooker arrived!!!
Dex has used it and hopefully i will feel well enough soon :)
bad news.....Nats specs broke :( She only has one pair..I have managed to get an appoint for tomorrow but it will take at least a week to make them up.
I have started reading Twilight this afternoon and am half way though the book...can't put it down and it is helping to pass the time :) Its so good that I ordered the whole series with my Amazon Birthday Prez. Thanks Steph and Ericka xxx
Dex is cooking bacon for the kids ATM and the smell is making me heave I am off

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jakey said...

oh mate... that doesn't sound good.... poor you! :-)

Hope you feel better soon