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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Back to Earth with a Bump!

Dex and I stayed at Stoke by Nayland Hotel on Friday night. Just one night away from the children and only an hour down the road. BUT it was WONDERFUL! I have been before with the ATDML retreat so already knew how nice the hotel, food and staff were. We had a lovely meal in the restaurant- of course i forgot to take photos but the ones above are almost the same, just imagine a dusting of snow outside. The children were very well behaved for my sister ( aren't they always LOL). We spent Saturday wandering around an icy cold Ipswich and bought a couple of presents. I bought a scarf as it was so cold. After the few days we had had, it was a very welcome break.

That was the nice bit- in other news- cooker STILL not here ( due to sever weather conditions!!!) Should be here by Tues ( i am not holding my breath, it will have been about 7 weeks ago that i ordered it for next day delivery!!)
Dans social worker came to talk about his transition review in March. Our respite is going to be with drawn from the end of March ( because he is 16 this year and has to use adult services). He doesn't meet the criteria for adult services even with MLD, ADHD( they don't recognise that) or TS, or OCD or epilepsy ( medical services NOT social services).
I sort of knew this was coming but it is SO depressing :( I suspect that it won't be long before i have to give up work too and become a full time carer because if none of them are working, they cannot be left in the house alone! Anyway that's not yet, so i shall not think about it!


Anonymous said...

x Love x

lyzzydee said...

Looks like a lovely place to go, hope you had a nice time. I think its terrible to withdraw respite, what are you supposed to do??

Catherine said...

I am pleased you had a relaxing weekend.

Debsg said...

Looks fabulous. I adore that dining room. I want that view!