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Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Shoes Arrived!

Yayy..They are lovely, very comfortable and make me an inch taller LOL! Very fast delivery too. I can highly recommend this store tREDs . The shoes I ordered were £80 in most stores but here were £30, there's savings on most brands so go look. Thanks to the lovely Tracie for the heads up on this .
Glad its the weekend as I was starting to wilt at work. After managing to not catch anything all winter ( and you have to remember that all the sick pupils have to come see me first before they go to med room - its amazing how many get sick just before a language or maths lesson! ;) ). I thought i was doing really well. I just have a sore throat and sniffles but I am also shattered. I intend to do very little this weekend except potter. Unfortunately there's loads of things I could have done including attending an all day crop with some of my fav people . Instead I'll keep my bugs to myself and hopefully be raring to go on Monday morning ( well up and dressed and facing the right direction anyway :) )
If anyone watched Ideal world this morning, they were selling my PC (below) - it sold out. I bought mine from Amazon UK for the same price ( just not with the four easy payment options but it did have free delivery ) I have to say I love it.
Right enough waffle from me -off to stuff as much washing as I can into the washing machine ( no not really its new and I am frightened of breaking it!) But with 5 of us , I shall spend quite a bit of the day filling it up!

Love Soojay xx

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