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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Good Things

Prompt three was a list of fav things. I have done that recently - Still loving Ben and Jerry's fairly nuts ice cream. Listening to Bruno Mars. So I thought I would talk about of some of my fav things from today.
Above is Derek on his new toy :) The poor old x-box is getting dusty. At least he has realised that there's so much more you can do than just play games on it ;). The table trolley, I assembled yesterday and told him that he could also use it as a zimmer frame ;)

Aren't these flowers beautiful? They arrived at work for me today from a parent.
We went to look around a special school that one of my children attended with the possibility of a shared placement for her child. Its SUCH a very difficult thing to do , try to deicide where your child with extra needs should be educated, especially when there are no local special schools. Only someone who has been in that situation can understand. I was very touched to receive these.

They definitely brightened my day.

4pcs Teal Bouquet Flower 24mm
4pcs Roses - White -20mm

These pretties arrived from HERE today, along with some others ;) I Love Jeans shop , If you want any, you have to be quick as they are selling so fast. I noticed that there are less on there today and I only ordered a day or so ago.

Other Lovely things from today include:
Hot coffee - brought to me by my boss after lunch ..sigh
Nat hoovering today - without being told.
Dan coming straight to me when he got in from college for a big bear hug :)
Meg actually doing art coursework (without me having to pay her - ok I lied about that one!)
A New book to read- given to me at work (so I didn't even buy it!)
Derek going shopping and remembering everything, he tried to buy me my fav ice cream but couldn't so got the next best thing -Hag an daz praline and cream...yummm.

Love soojay xx

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